We are so appreciative of the positive feedback we receive from our customers!

“I’m very happy with them, and they are very good people. They came to look things over ahead of time and explained to me what I needed and how it would be installed. When I was ready, they were easy to schedule, came when they said they would, and had everything they needed to get the job done quickly. They were very friendly, nice around my house and didn’t make any mess at all. I was very happy with the 5-year warranty. While he was installing my system he told me just what he was doing all the time. We are very happy with the bubbler system – it’s very quiet and the tests are coming back good!”

Raymond in South Casco
Installed radon water and air mitigation systems, water softener & uranium filter

“I had some health issues going on and after doing some research, I decided to have my home and well water tested. I’d never even heard anything about radon and the dangers! Well, I’m glad I did the testing because my water and air were both WAY high and over the safe limits! So Radon Pro came out and walked me through my options for mitigation systems. They installed both a water bubbler system and an air system in my basement. The guys were very professional, they listened to me and answered all my questions. He explained exactly how each system works, and what to expect. I was very impressed with them and their service after the sale is excellent. My radon levels in both my water and air are now almost imperceptible so I’m very pleased with the results!”

Diane in Auburn
Installed radon water and air mitigation systems, water softener & uranium filter.